Services We Offer

Genesis Light Foundation Services

  • Counselling
    • Counselling regarding sexual brokenness and SSA (Same-Sex Attractions).
    • General counselling.
    • Counselling at businesses.
    • Wellness Programs.
    • Counselling at schools.
  • Memorial Services
    • Pastoral care
  • Support Groups
    • Support groups regarding sexual brokenness and SSA.
  • Workshops
    • Training and material regarding sexual brokenness and SSA.
    • Creating an awareness for the SSA community.
  • Online Training Courses
    • Organisational Structure Development Courses.
    • Sexual Brokenness Courses.
  • Organisational Structure Development
    • Activities & operations
    • PBO applications for NPO / NGO / NPC
    • Funding strategies
    • Project timelines
    • Basic business plan
    • Departmental structure
    • Processes & policies
    • Website start-up
    • Budget development

For more information regarding our different packages and fee structures, please contact us on Please add SERVICES as a reference in the subject line of the email.

The Goal of our Services

  •  Counselling of individuals who are struggling with personal loss, substance abuse, trauma due to violence, divorce,  victims of sexual abuse as well as those suffering the turmoil of dealing with their sexual identity.
  • Guiding people to a restored identity in Christ.
  • We offer individual support through the Equestrian Christian Therapy Program.
  • We offer discipleship for people coming out of the SSA (same sex attraction) lifestyle.
  • Support Groups for the direct family of those in SSA and people battling with sexual brokenness.
  • We offer workshops for leadership, counsellors and public groups, regarding sexual brokenness and sexual identity.

Our services are offered to:

  • Individuals
  • Schools
  • Religious Organizations
  • Businesses
  • Community


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