Understanding Sexual Brokenness

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Finding healing from sexual brokenness
SSA within the community
Human trafficking

Please note that some of the content is age sensitive (16+)

(SSA: Same-Sex Attractions)





Clay & Renee Crosse – Sexual Addiction, Pornography from a Wife’s Perspective

John Bevere – Gaining Freedom from Pornography

Kay Arthur – Pt 2 – The Truth About Sex According to God

Marnie Ferree – Female Sexual Addiction, Pt 1

Marnie Ferree – Female Sexual Addiction, Pt 2



The Divine Marriage

Mike Goeke – Homosexual and Married 1 of 2

Mike Goeke – Homosexual and Married 2 of 2

Tough Questions


Michael Brown – Answering the Tough Questions Asked by Homosexuals

Casual Sex: Peter Horrobin

Identity Confusion


Potential Causes of SSA Confusion



Don Schmierer – Preventing SSA Confusion in Your Children

Kathy Koch – The Trauma of Child Sexual Abuse

Sexual Abuse


Jayson Graves – Sexually Abused to Homosexual

Paul Young – Pt 1 – Sexually Abused Missionary Kid (Author of The Shack)


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