Pure Passion TV Media

Currently, with permission from Dr. David Kyle Foster, we are able to freely share most of the Pure Passion TV media released over the last couple of years. Mastering Life Ministries, in conjunction with Pure Passion TV, have done ground-breaking work in the area of all kinds of sexual brokenness. We are proud of the work they have done in the body of Christ. They have been committed to speak the truth in the sensitivity of love, focusing not on individuals’ challenges, but their ability to overcoming the worst of life’s challenges to find healing, restoration and acceptance, all through the amazing love of Jesus Christ. It is a privilege to host and provide a platform for their media and episodes.

Please note that some of the content is age sensitive (16+)

(SSA: Same-Sex Attractions)


Understanding sexual brokenness



Finding healing from sexual brokenness

SSA within the community

Human trafficking

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