Support Groups

Support Groups

The Support Group initiative is so important when it comes to supporting individuals struggling with sexual brokenness and SSA, and their families, and supporting those who want healing from sexual brokenness. The support groups will offer:

  • Education about sexual brokenness and SSA.
  • How to support individuals with an SSA background.
  • How to cope as a family who has a member in SSA
  • Finding out how the love of God works in these areas.

Genesis Light Foundation will enroll individuals to these Support Groups when these individuals indicate they are in need of support.

Strategy – Individual Sessions

  • We would recommend an individual join a Support Group at locations where the Support Groups are hosted and hopefully in their area.

Strategy – Sessions at related Religious Institutions

  •  We would partner with local religious institutions and offer to host a Support Group on their premises if there is any need for a Support Group regarding their institution.
  • In this way they can reach out to their members who need any support regarding sexual brokenness and SSA.
  • We will also train up the staff of the relevant institution so as to empower them and help them grow as counsellors regarding sexual brokenness and SSA.

Strategy – Future

  •  We would like to partner with local schools, business and communities who would benefit from a Support Group regarding sexual brokenness and SSA.

For more information, please email us at Please add SUPPORT GROUP in the subject line of the email.

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