Outreach Projects

Our Foundation believes in networking and reaching out into the community. It is important for us to offering support, encouragement, to reflect the love of Jesus, and provide assistance wherever the Lord reveals a need for this. Currently, Genesis Light Foundation is involved in the following Outreach projects.

  • Prison Ministry
  • Hospice
  • Woman’s Street Ministry
  • Retirement Homes

The services we offer on outreach


  • Preparing Food / Soup – for soup kitchens.
  • Time: visiting the sick, babies, elderly, destitute or orphaned;
  • Offer extra hands where needed;
  • Donation of clothes or food and the like, when possible.
  • Funds if the foundation has available.
  • Counselling
  • Bringing God’s Word to the community or organization that may need it.
  • Assisting / serving other ministries on projects or outreach where we can.
  • Teaching the people in the community to build educational items.


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