Volunteer Staff

Genesis Light Foundation is proud to have some amazing volunteer staff on board. These amazing people offer their time, love, skills and insight into making our Foundation function effectively.

Christine Rothman

Christine Rothman

Christine assists our Foundation with outreach projects all over the West rand area, and provides Pastoral counselling. She also serves as a Pastor at Solid Rock Church.

Carmen Langa

Carmen Langa

Carmen is such a dynamic woman who offers her multiple talents to the running of the Foundation. She assists the Foundation by offering her translator skills when it comes to language barriers. Carmen also has such a heart for ministering on different outreach projects, and serves as an intercessor for the Foundation.

Adriaan Pottas – Researcher

Adriaan Pottas

Adriaan completed the Biblical Counselling for Beginners online course to give guidance and advice when reaching out to communities which are particularly in rural and remote areas. His short courses in Coach Mentor Robotics are useful when empowering these bodies of Christ to engage their gifts and make known to them the delightful world of science, technology, recycling, robotics, environmentally friendly systems, engineering, art and mathematics through missionary endeavours.

He engages with schools, organisations and individuals to inspire habits attaining the Peace of God through Jesus Christ for everybody to live a life of harmony and tranquility as the Word of God professes.

With his all-embracing experience and education, holding a Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree in Computer Science, he strives to participate in ideas and doings that allow his gifts to be joyfully shared with everyone that is send his way.

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