Vision & Mission


  • To use the saints with their gifting to build the Body of Christ.
  • To equip new members in the body of Christ to be powerful tools in the hands of God.
  • To see every believer live a victorious life in Christ, truly set free from all that came against them in the past.
  • To motivate believers to have a true and lasting relationship with the Trinity – as each person in the trinity is important for a believer to overcome and have a lasting relationship with God.
  • Offer support, counseling, truth and confidentiality, to those caught up in SSA, and offer this same support, counseling, truth and confidentiality, to their family members.
  • Offer support and counseling for anyone, with the objective to bring wholeness.
  • Discipleship to lead people to restoration in the body, soul and spirit, through the work of the Holy Spirit.
  • Serving people in the community and on a global scale.
  • Empower the youth. Bring healing from brokenness and mold them into leaders and adults with good moral values. We would like to do this locally and internationally.
  • The environment (nature) will also play a role in the healing of humanity.


  • To educate the body of Christ in the truth about SSA and address any misconceptions about it.
  • To raise leaders, counselors and supporters, by means of formal and informal training, to support and counsel those from a SSA background, or family members who have individuals in their lives with a similar background.
  • We will also offer our support and training to all people that are in need – not just in the gay community. There are many forms of sexual brokenness to which the Lord would like to bring restoration to all people.
  • Offer training and discipleship for new believers, especially those who voluntarily want to turn away from any broken lifestyle.
  • Equip the youth through discipleship.
  • Provide the youth with a platform from where to share the love of God with others.

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