About Us

 About Us

Genesis Light Foundation was founded by Suzie Kleynhans and Jeanne-Louise Viljoen, in 2014. The Foundation was running by 2015. Adriaan Pottas joined and we registered the Foundation as a Non-Profit Company by 2016.

The Foundation is dedicated to the restoration of broken communities – offering support, prayer, outreach and training to the community, built on the foundation of the Word of God. Genesis Light Foundation aims at assist people to find restoration regarding their identity and direction in life. Trauma and all kinds of incidents cause people to get robbed of their identity. Because of this, most people feel lost and without direction.

The Foundation has a pool of supporters, offering their time and love to help bring restoration to the hearts of people, wherever the need presents itself. The individuals within the Foundation come from different backgrounds. Together the team works towards the building of a healed community and nation. The company aims to grow globally, bringing hope in places around the world, where it is needed most.


    • Counselling and restoring
    • Teaching and instructing
    • Motivating and empowering
    • Community Outreach
    • Discipleship
    • Intercession
    • Youth Development
    • Serving the community


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